Medicine Path Five Element Healing

Five Element Healing is a form of Classical Chinese Medicine. Through keen observation ancient sages were able to understand the reflection of nature within the human mind, body and spirit. The foundation of Five Element Healing is the meridian system which holds our animating life force, commonly referred to as Qi (Chi). Each meridian has a unique function reflecting how we relate to and express our outer and inner worlds. The flow and function of the Qi within these meridians affects our organs, mental clarity, and connection to our spirits. The flow of Qi can become blocked or compromised leading to dysfunction and disease. While many forms of medicine focus on the treatment of symptoms and disease, in five element healing the focus is instead on the root cause. Whether symptoms are physical, mental or spiritual in nature, they are an indicator or warning signal that a meridian is in distress. While it can be helpful to understand these symptoms, the practitioners awareness is always with the root cause. By treating the root cause the practitioner is able to restore full Qi flow to every meridian each session. 

The client may unable to 'hold' this full flow of Qi in the early stages of treatment. It may last a few weeks or a few days depending on multiple factors, including the severity of dysfunction they are presenting with. Old patterns of dysfunction will likely surface between sessions. However over time and with regular treatments the meridians will being to 'remember' their true nature and begin to maintain wellness and harmony. Once this state of function has been restored the client may only require seasonal treatments, or only when extra support is required.

Shamanic Healing Methods

Throughout our lives many of us have been exposed to trauma or woundings that are experienced at a deep soul level. Kimberley is able to view the internal story of the soul, and is particularly skillful in articulating and narrating these stories to integrate any aspects of our beings that have been compromised. This is often referred to as soul retrieval, and can be a deeply profound experience in returning to wellness.

The Altar of Creation


In 2019 Kimberley participated in the Altar of Creation intensive at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY with Osteopath Dr.Steven Weiss. This particular workshop was centralized around chronic pain and trauma. Why after years of various treatments do some people seem unresponsive. This healing work is based on restoring fundamental, foundational, and inherent patterns of mind, body and spirit. The same patterns that exist in the creation of all life. While this work is an integral part of Kimberley's treatment approach. It is best understood in Dr.Steven Weiss's own words. For more information visit

Integrative Manual Therapy

Kimberley draws on her many tools to assess and release restrictions through the soft tissues of the body. Pain and dysfunction can be a reflection of limited range of motion from a variety of factors. Through gentle palpation we can hone in areas most compromised and begin to release and unwind these tissues. 

Visceral Manipulation focuses on releasing restrictions through the organs and associated connective tissue. Kimberley specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction, digestive disorders, and chronic pain.

Craniosacral Therapy works with the Central Nervous System, and connective tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord called Dura. By releasing restrictions within the dura, the cerebrospinal fluid flows with more ease, providing nourishment to the brain and spinal cord. 

This modality is particularly helpful for people who suffer from headaches or migraines, concussion recovery, anxiety, depression, brain fog, insomnia, and sleep disorders.

Massage Therapy and Myofascial Release are used to release muscle tension and stress, increase blood flow, stimulate the lymph and immune systems, release toxins, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous systems, and create an overall state of relaxation and well being.