Introduction to the Shamanic Journey 

This workshop is based on the teachings from Jaki Daniels first book 'Heeding the Call'. This workshop is held over the period of four weeks. All classes are held on either Monday or Wednesday evenings from

7:30-9:30pm in the classroom at Essential Balance Healing. In this Introductory workshop we will begin to learn basic shamanic journeying skills, introducing ourselves to the realms of non ordinary reality, and engage in relationship with our power animals and spiritual guides and teachers. We will also engage in discussions around the exploration of spirit, and developing a personal practice. No experience required. This workshop runs multiple times a year based on interest. Please visit the contact page for further information or to register.

The Medicine Wheel

*Journeying experience is required to attend this course

The Medicine Wheel is a ten month long program where we delve deeper into the realm of non ordinary reality, exploring our personal journey to the sacred. This class is based on the teachings from Jaki Daniels and combines her experience as a spiritual elder and Shamanic Healing Methods.  We will begin to develop relationships with the four sacred directions as we move through the cycles of the seasons together. The wisdom that is held within our ancestors, and guides, as well as an invitation to view the challenges that may limit us in our lives. This course is intended to create a lifelong relationship with how we relate to our inner, outer and natural world. All classes are held every second Monday evening from 7:30-9:30 in the Essential Balance Healing classroom. This course runs from September to June. Please visit the contact page for more information or to register.