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Workshops and Courses

Workshop and Courses


Introduction to the Shamanic Journey 

*Available online and in-person

This workshop is based on the teachings from Jaki Daniels's first book 'Heeding the Call'. In this introductory workshop, we will begin to learn basic shamanic journeying skills, introduce ourselves to the realms of non-ordinary reality, and engage in relationships with our power animals and spiritual guides and teachers. We will also engage in discussions around the exploration of spirit and developing a personal practice.

The workshop is held over a period of five weeks. All classes are held virtually and in person on Monday evenings from 7-9PST.


No previous experience is required. The workshop runs multiple times a year based on interest.


Please email to register using the contact form below.

A Personal Journey to the Sacred

*Journeying experience is required to attend this course

**Available online and in-person

The Medicine Wheel is a ten-month-long program where we delve deeper into the realm of non-ordinary reality, exploring our personal journey to the sacred. This class is based on the teachings from Jaki Daniels and combines her experience as a spiritual elder and Shamanic Healing Methods.


We will begin to develop relationships with the four sacred directions as we move through the cycles of the seasons together. The wisdom that is held within our ancestors, and guides, as well as an invitation to view the challenges that may limit us in our lives.


This course is intended to create a lifelong relationship with how we relate to our inner, outer and natural world.


Classes will be held virtually or in person twice a month in the evenings from September to June.


Please email to register using the contact form below.


Private Studentship


Private student sessions are available by request to support individuals on their spiritual journeys. Please get in touch if interested. 

Please specify which offering you are interested in within your message. 

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Sessions and Pricing

Sessions and Pricing

Initial Consultation


90 - 120 minutes 

Follow-up Session


Follow-up Session


60 minutes 

Follow-up Session


30 minutes 

90 minutes 



Virabhadrasana 2.jpg

Bonnie Heine, 200hr RYT, Peace & Power Yoga



'Your breath can bring you peace, or your breath can bring you power.'

Bonnie has a deep belief that yoga is for everybody. Through different yogic styles and traditions combined with the use of props throughout her practice she has come to embrace the mantra "fit the pose to your body, rather than your body to the pose". Her offerings range from vigorous style flow classes to strength and balance focussed Hatha classes as well as, nurturing meditative and restorative classes. As long as you are willing, you are welcome.

Bonnie teaches classes both on Zoom and in-person at Kim's Aspen Woods property, and private sessions are available upon request. Keeping in alignment with Bonnie's belief that yoga is for everybody and finances should never hold anyone back from practice, she currently offers a weekly, online karma class that operates on a pay-what-you-can scale.  Outdoor classes will also be available in the summer! 

Book a session with Bonnie through her website or contact her directly at


Melissa Deer Heart, Sound Healing

Melissa Deer Heart has spent the last 8 years opening her heart to the unseen world. Through her training in the art of Holistic healing modalities and an openness to the great teaching of life experience. Beginning in 2014 with a Reiki healing level 1 and completing her Reiki 3 Master course a year later. Continuing this passion for learning through many more courses, workshops, and training. To include a 200hr Yoga TT, Theta healing, and in 2018 finding the path to Sound Healing. The doorway to the beautiful path of sound began with a single crystal bowl and a desire to listen to the teachings of Spirit. This then led to a 25 hr Intro Sound course and has continued with a level 1 & 2 sound wellness training followed with an Inner sound healing workshop. In 2019 a trip to London opened the door to learn the art of Shamanic teachings through a course called The way of the Melissae. Steeping herself deeper on the path and to further this walk with Spirit, in 2020 the call to the Five Element Medicine Path came forward. This followed with another call to the Andean Shamanic teachings of the Mesa in 2021. Both of which she is currently engaged in.


Forever a student, remembering a simple truth, we are sound. She believes we are born into this world with our own unique heart hum. The song which we share in this world. The song that calls us into being. From birth to death this song is the anchor that weaves the soul into the physical and is released back into the whole when this life is complete. It is her great honor to be a part of this journey and in service to remembering the soul sound within.

Melissa offers sessions Thursday evenings at the Aspen Woods location as well as private energy/sound sessions. 

Contact Melissa to register for a session at 587-969-1070 or

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